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Yakoads-Privacy Policy

YakoAds privacy policy applies only to the information collected on our servers and is not responsible for how the information collected by your carrier service or Internet service provider is handled or on any linked sites. Please be advised to read the Privacy Policy of your carrier and/or service provider.

Personal information provided to YakoAds for the creation of a user account and unique ID remains on the YakoAds server, the user may access their profile for the account to edit the information, this ID is permanent and cannot be deleted from the YakoAds server, if a user wishes to create another account another unique ID must be generated. Information to create the user account remains the property of YakoAds. YakoAds provides secure servers and all information is encrypted, our server software is kept current and monitored for intrusion. The site does not require the use of cookies, you do not need to adjust your security settings while browsing the site and using the tools. 

YakoAds may offer special programs, newsletters, or other mailings that are optional subscriptions, users must subscribe and unsubscribe to these features, they are sent only to users who have subscribed to receive additional communications from YakoAds. The YakoAds features include alerts and reminders for expiration of listings that are automated, these communications are applied to all listings, only a single message will be sent prior to expiration. YakoAds may send by e-mail announcements regarding the YakoAds site, changes to policy, site maintenance that may temporarily disrupt service, features added or removed from the YakoAds site.

Users of YakoAds are responsible for their personal communications, abuse of contact priveleges may result in YakoAds suspending or terminating your access to the website. Users reporting abuse of communications to YakoAds should provide evidence, this includes mail headers and/or phone records. YakoAds respects and supports the users right to privacy.